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I’ve talked about Pinterest before, but I didn’t fully start to take advantage of it until this fall.   If I were pressed to name the most helpful internet app in existence for folks like myself, who love crafting, clothes, design, food, etc. etc, it would definitely be Pinterest.   It is a total game changer. 

Pinterest works by allowing you to grab screenshots of images that you like and when you click on them later, it takes you directly to the website where the image came from.  This is huge for DIY folks who want to save a project idea for later or for shopaholic who want to remember that cute outfit.   As you can see from above, it is also a OCD paradise for folks who like to keep their visual lists organized.

I find that I am pretty consistently shocked at how useful Pinterest is.   You would never think, or at least I wouldn’t have, that looking at fitness inspiration pictures would be enough of a push to get you back to your regular work outs, but it is!  Or alternatively, how quickly you could spiral back down the path of glutton with all the great recipe ideas.  In fact, my entire Festivus food menu this year was based on stuff I had seen on Pinterest (with the exception of the buffalo chicken dip from Ryan’s Megan). 

Your boards become insightful about what really moves you aesthetically, too.  I probably could have told you that I like soft neutrals, classic touches like picture frame and crown molding, but when I look at my board as a whole, it is pretty obvious from what I was drawn to when I was poking/pinning around the internet.   As my friend, Erin, pointed out, it seems like I’m never completely satisfied with how our home looks, but when I look at my For The Home pinterest board, I see the future potential for fun tweaks and not drastic changes from what we now enjoy.

As I’ve mentioned before, I do have a love of clothes and have a pretty distinct personal style that has evolved from my days of 15 layers of oversized boy clothes.  (Trust me when I say my  teenage years were NOT cute.)   I love that I have at my finger tips, access to great images of outfits on which I can put together my look.  You don’t have to own everything in the pictures, but if you can take the concept and run with it, then that is fantastic. 

I’m probably heading a bit too far down Navel Gazing Lane at this point, but I’ve leaned pretty heavily on Pinterest this year for quotes and images that soothe my overactive brain.   In a tribute to the great Miles, I named my favorite board “GreeninBlue” (backwards from his track, Blue in Green on the album, Kind of Blue, of course).  Even now, while I’m typing up this post, I find myself getting sucked into the quotes and thinking about what was going on in my life when I pinned them.  There is so much wrapped up in the words and images.  Memories, good and bad. 

Anyway, if there are any of you out there who have not jumped happily on to the Pinterest bandwagon and wanted to give it a try, email me.  I’d be more than happy to shoot you in invite and do a quick tutorial to get you started!


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The design blogs have been abuzz for a while now about the latest and greatest in what I like to call, online scrap booking, basically.  Pinterest is a website that allows you to capture images from ANYWHERE on the internet.   Why is this important?  In the past, you might have pulled pages out of magazines and kept them in a folder for “future inspiration”, right?  Except that if forgot where you put your folder when it was time to actually be inspired, you were out of luck.  By storing your favorite images in the cloud, you can get access to them anytime and never go uninspired.  In addition to saving your images, you can check out what inspires other folks.   It is one giant inspiration love fest. 

Of course, I had to join and the fact that you had to request an invitation, well, that just made me want to start pinning images even more.  

A lot of my favorite bloggers have Pinterest accounts too.  Kate of Sweet  Salty is another Kate married to a Justin (crazy, right?) and one of the few bloggers who responds to emails of adoration.  So in addition to loving her writing, I’ve found that I am a huge fan of her style.  I am totally going to make the yarn globes that she pinned too. 

I’m still just figuring everything out right now and pretty much keep my pinning to cute clothes and beautiful home spaces.  I see the potential though to create a great space of images.  Feel free to check me out on Pinterest. 

Do you totally want to craft nerd out with me?  Are you suuuuuure?   Okay, here goes.  CraftGawker is the place you go when you want to make something but you aren’t sure what or how to start.  The best crafting, designing, creative bloggers are submitting their work and their tutorials to CraftGawker for you.  AND there is an iPhone app for it!  Crafting on the go!  What’s better than that?

Each image is a link to the website of the crafter where you can get step by step instructions. 

You can also search by items.  I’ve been looking to create a tufted seat and this crafty extraordinaire shows you how to do that with a vintage suitcase.  How great would this be for a guest room? 

Or if you are like me and trying to find new ways to use your mason jar collection, throw in mason jars in the search engine. 

I was just messing around with the search engine and found this.  Too cute. 

 So there you go!  Happy Pinning & Crafting this weekend!


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My favorite iPhone photography apps

I remember so clearly when I got my first SLR camera.  It was for high school photography.  I have always loved taking pictures.  I loved the quiet of the dark room at school, watching the images I captured coming to life in the pans of foul smelling liquid.  There is a quote from Lost In Translation, where the character Charlotte is talking to Bill Murray’s character and she says, “I tried taking pictures, but they were so mediocre. I guess every girl goes through a photography phase. You know, horses… taking pictures of your feet. ”  I peaked in high school in terms of photography in the form of a third place ribbon in school’s photography contest.  It was a picture of a carnation, sitting on the worn planks of my parents’ front porch.

Lately I’ve been taking advantage of all of the wonderful photography apps available on the iPhone.

The Iris App has been my go to editing app for a few weeks now.  It has some amazing filters.

I like taking the images that are half good and running them through Iris to see what another filter could produce.

Instagram is hands down one of the best free photography apps available.  Apart from sharing your images with others (I have 5 followers), it also has some great filters and the new tilt-shift option.  Tilt shift, in completely unscientific Kate terms is where you blur out portions of the picture and it makes the focal point look small.

I haven’t had a chance to really master Pano yet but it creates panoramic photographs.  I’m sure at some point in the near future I’ll be throwing some of those up here.  In the meantime, what photography apps do you use?


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